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Conference: The Requirements of High Intensity Warfare - Final Report

The Requirements of High Intensity Warfare

22 March 2018

Final Report

Dr Robbin Laird, Second Line of Defense, Final Report: The Strategic Shift from Counter-Insurgency and Stability Operations: High Tempo Ops, High Intensity Operations and Deterrence

Since 2014, the Williams Foundation has held a series of seminars, which have looked at the nature of military transformation enabled by new platforms, new technologies and new approaches. Now, the Foundation is focusing on the new strategic context within which this force will operate and the kinds of further changes necessary for Australia and allied forces in facing the challenges posed by peer competitors. On March 22, 2018, the Williams Foundation hosted a seminar which began the process of examining these key questions. This report is based on that seminar. This enhanced version of the report includes the interviews conducted prior to, during and after the seminar. We have published on, a version with just the seminar report itself.

A report overview can be viewed at

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