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The Central Blue’s aim is to promote discussion and debate about Australian air power, but to understand Australian air power you need to understand the context in which it is developed and employed. Accordingly, we encourage our readers to read and engage broadly with a range of blogs covering different domains, countries, and areas of research in defence and strategic studies.

Below is a list of some of the blogs the Editors recommend to broaden your vista and deepen your knowledge.

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Second Line of Defense & have a special partnership with the Williams Foundation, and has generated a regular set of special reports highlighting the various seminars over the past few years held in Canberra and which have highlighted the military transformation process. An archive of special reports by Dr Robbin Laird, Williams Foundation Fellow, can be viewed on their website here.

launched a new Defence website Defence.Info. Defence.Info is a group of globally based analysts and strategists who work closely together in thinking through the nature of the evolving strategic environment and provides regular interviews with key participants in evolving military capabilities based on global reporting.

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