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Dr Alan Stephens Air Power Literary Prize

A core objective of The Sir Richard Williams Foundation is to encourage informed discussion and debate on future air power capability. Accordingly, the Foundation is committed to supporting our future leaders and the development of their ideas. One way in which this has occurred has been through submissions to The Central Blue, an online forum encouraging informed discussion on air and space power, and the related force design issues affecting Australia.


A foundational member of The Central Blue, Dr Alan Stephens has a long history of supporting this cause. Previously a lecturer at UNSW, RAAF historian, adviser in federal parliament on foreign affairs and defence, and a member of the RAAF, Dr Stephens has published and lectured extensively. In 2008 he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his contribution to Royal Australian Air Force history and air power strategy. 

In partnership with The Central Blue, The Williams Foundation has awarded a regular prize of A$500 for the best essay or article discussing the author's perspectives on a theme determined by the Central Blue Team.  These winning essays or articles have then been published on The Central Blue forum.

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