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Call for Submissions: #FutureChiefs

With senior leadership movements on the horizon within Air Force, we’re turning our attention to thinking about the role of its primary leader. In particular, we’re asking the question:

What should #FutureChiefs of Air Force look like, and why?

We’re opening up the scope of response to this topic fairly wide: what do you think will be required of future Chiefs of Air Force? We welcome perspectives from the future role of CAF, to what educational backgrounds, personal experiences and leadership characteristics a future CAF will need, to conversation on the future structure of CAF’s office. And of course, we invite your thoughts on the notion that ‘the Chief of Air Force does not need to be a pilot’!

We are not looking for long, essay-style submissions but rather shorter, pithy responses - no longer than 350 words.

Contributions will be accepted until mid-February with submissions published in early 2022.


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