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Submissions to The Central Blue

Impart your ideas to the policy, operational and industrial ecosystem wrestling with the future of Australia’s military capability.

The Central Blue is the Williams Foundation’s online forum that promotes informed discussion and debate to shed light on new airpower and force design issues affecting Australia. The blog is read by a wide audience including Service Chiefs, operational service members, academics, technology strategists, and industry leaders. This opportunity allows you to share your perspectives with a varied audience, while also contributing ideas to the broader Defence sector who are seeking to position Australia’s military posture for the future

Making a Submission

We welcome submissions from contributors of all backgrounds, and particularly encourage serving military practitioners to contribute, in order to foster a new generation of air power thinkers.

To submit a post to The Central Blue, please send it to the editors at

Posts should be generally be 800-1500 words, comply with TCB Contributor Guidelines, and be accompanied by a brief bio. Publication will be entirely at editorial discretion.

Keen to write but need some guidance? Email us and we can link you up with a mentor-editor who can assist you prior to formal submission. 

Contributor Guidelines

In preparing your submission, please consult the Contributor Guidelines:

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