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Conference: The Imperative for an Independent Deterrent: A Joint Strike Seminar

The Imperative for an Independent Deterrent: A Joint Strike Seminar

23 August 2018

Synopsis and Program

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Download PDF • 631KB

Final Report

Laird, Robbin The ADF and the Way Ahead for an Australian Deterrent Strategy

September 2018

Download PDF • 1.89MB

Download PDF • 2.76MB

Also available on the Second Line of Defense and the (ebook version) websites.

The Central Blue

In the lead up to the conference the Williams Foundation Blog The Central Blue focussed on the seminar theme. The Twitter/FB/LinkedIn hashtag is #jointstrike. To see the discussion, please visit, and possibly contribute, to the The Central Blue.


WGCDR Jo Brick, Royal Australian Air Force and The Central Blue

Strike, Deterrence and the RAAF - Speaking Notes

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Download PDF • 354KB

Also available on The Central Blue Blog

Michael Shoebridge, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

The Strategic Implications of Regional Proliferation of Strike Capabilities

No presentation available

Dr Stephan Frühling, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University

Australian Strike Capability and Nuclear Deterrence

No presentation available

GPCAPT Jason Begley, Headquarters Joint Operations Command

The Future of Full Spectrum Strike

No presentation available

Dr Thomas Bussing, Raytheon Missile Systems

Future Strike Systems

No presentation available

James Heading, Lockheed Martin

Long Range Strike

Presentation - available on request email

AM Stuart Atha CB, DSO, ADC, Royal Air Force Air Command

Modern Deterrence: The RAF’s Contribution

No presentation available

AIRMSHL Gavin ‘Leo’ Davies AO, CSC, Chief of Air Force

Implications for the RAAF

No presentation available

Michael Tarlton, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Reconceptualising Independent Strike in the Digital Age: A Future Force Perspective

No presentation available

CDRE Timothy Brown RAN, Submarines, Royal Australian Navy

In and From the Maritime Domain: The Royal Australian Navy’s Approach to Future Joint Strike

No presentation available

MAJGEN Adam Findlay AM, Special Operations Command

Beyond the FLOT: The Australian Army’s Approach to Future Joint Strike

No presentation available


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