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Conference: A New Approach, and Attitude, to Electronic Warfare In Australia

A New Approach, and Attitude, to Electronic Warfare In Australia

23 August 2017

Program and Synopsis

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Final Report

Dr Robbin Laird, Second Line of Defense The Future of Electonic Warfare

Final Report: A New Approach and Attitude to Electronic Warfare in Australia

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BRIG Stephen Beaumont AM, Information Warfare Division, Joint Capabilities Group

Growler and Force Level Electronic Warfare

Presentation unavailable

GPCAPT Glen Braz CSC, DSM, 82 Wing, Royal Australian Air Force

An Operators View of Growler

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Mr Lawrence Burt, Boeing TACAIR Programs

Enabling Capability for EA

Presentation unavailable

AIRCDRE Robert Chipman CSC, Capability Planning – Air Force Royal Australian Air Force EW, C4I and Enablers

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LtGen Jon Davies (Ret) United States Marine Corp

Distributed Electronic Warfare

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CAPT Steve Dryden RAN, Navy Information Warfare Royal Australian Navy

Implications for the Royal Australian Navy

Presentation unavailable

Dr Brad Ferguson, Raytheon

Industry as an Input to Electronic Warfare Capability

Presentation unavailable

GPCAPT Andrew Gilbert, Air Power Development Centre

A Historical Perspective of RAAF Airborne Electronic Attack

Presentation notes

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EW23Aug17_Gilbert Presentation notes
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Mr Jeffrey D. “JD” McCreary Georgia Tech Research Institute

The Future of Electronic Warfare

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CDR Mike Paul, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet

The USN Approach to Achieving EMS Superiority

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MAJGEN Kathryn Toohey AM, CSC, Land Capability Australian Army

Implications for the Australian Army

Presentation unavailable


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