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How can you help make the #AFSTRAT a reality? - Matt Kelly

At the start of the year, The Central Blue posed the question: How can you help make the #AFSTRAT a reality? We're excited to share with you over the next week the responses we received.

First up, Squadron Leader Matt Kelly highlights how important reflection and contextualisation is to making #AFSTRAT a reality. Follow him on Twitter @trueblueloggie

Turning strategy into reality is never easy. The AFSTRAT is no exception, and sets some pretty ambitious goals for the RAAF. Having said that, I’ve never known a ‘RAAFie’ to shy away from a challenge. So, here’s my two cent’s worth on how to turn the AFSTRAT into reality:

1. Understand it. Read the AFSTRAT. Finished? Read it again. Think about why those words were chosen. Why those lines of effort were chosen above all others. Think about the context of the document. It’s no coincidence that the AFSTRAT was released on the heels of the Defence Strategic Update. Once you’ve thought deeply, go to Step 2…

2. Vouch for it. Some will roll their eyes and think the AFSTRAT is ‘just’ another strategy. You need to convince them otherwise. How? Spend time discussing it. Get your team to read it, then talk about it. Link it to things like the Enhanced Career Management framework. These linkages will bring the AFSTRAT to life. But! It’s not time to rest on your laurels just yet…

3. Live it. The AFSTRAT is a conversation-starter, a guide. It’s a seed that won’t germinate unless you feed it. You do this by incorporating AFSTRAT ideas in everyday life. How? It’s up to you! Inject strategic thinking into your goals for this year’s PPR. Consciously invest time & effort into relationship building. Actively seek opportunities to award & recognise your people. Things like that…

Do this and together we can make the AFSTRAT real.


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