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How can you help make the #AFSTRAT a reality? - Kate Yaxley

Look to the sky! In our third instalment in our series on how can you help make the #AFSTRAT a reality, Squadron Leader Kate Yaxley draws on the power of curiosity to inspire ourselves and our teams to advance #AFSTRAT, and by extension, air and space power. Follow her on Twitter @K8Yaxley.

I can help make #AFSTRAT a reality through inspiring curiosity. By inspiring air and space power professionals to look up to the sky and be curious, the desired #AFSTRAT outcomes become possible.

When looking up to the sky, we all bring a different perspective. One person may only see clouds, while another may see a platform for strategic effect. When I look up, I look deeper and see the electro-magnetic spectrum. This spectrum extends beyond the sky, into space; while also enveloping the ground and sea. It also extends laterally to encompass our networks and how we interface with each element in a joint environment. Given this spectrum allows us to interface with physical elements beyond what we see in the sky, it offers an opportunity to extend our reach. Along this spectrum, we can integrate autonomous elements to extend our reach. Such autonomous elements may form a swarm of agents. I could use a piece of this spectrum to interface with these agents and team with them to realise new capability. I would do so using elements of transparency and trust to fulfil outcomes. I would be their shepherd and guide them towards a goal of reaching strategic effects.

When you next look up to the sky, ask; what do I see? Is there something deeper? Can what I envisage create a new narrative for air and space power?


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