The Sir Richard Williams Foundation

The Sir Richard Williams Foundation is an independent research organisation whose purpose is to promote the development and effective implementation of national security and defence policies as they impact on Australia’s ability to generate air power appropriate to its unique geopolitical environment and values.


The Foundation aims to strengthen Australia’s national security by advocating the need for forward-looking policies which take full advantage of the potential for air power to shape and influence regional security; and by promoting constructive debate regarding the implementation of such policies.

Membership and Affiliations

The Sir Richard Williams Foundation conducts its operations independently and has no political or industry ties. Other service organisations, the RAAF Association, Army Aviation Association and the Fleet Air Arm Association are affiliated with the Foundation.

The Foundation's activities are directed and managed by its Board. The Board comprises up to 12 eminent aerospace leaders, security strategists and an Executive Officer. No Board member receives any remuneration from the Foundation’s accounts . Members' business affiliations are listed in their biographies.  Members are required to absent themselves from any discussion which might create a conflict of interest.

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Annual membership is from 1 Jul to 30 Jun each year - if you join after 1 May, your membership will apply for the next financial year as well as the remainder of the current financial year.  Contact execo@williamsfoundation.org.au for details.

5th Generation Air Combat Capability Essay/Article competition

The Williams Foundation is offering a A$3000 prize for the best essay or article on what will be the challenges and opportunities afforded by the acquisition of 5th Generation capabilities such as the JSF.   The competition can be entered by individuals or a team of authors.  The winning author or team will be given the opportunity to brief their ideas to the Chief of the RAAF and his senior leaders.  The foundation will pay the travel costs of one individual to travel to Canberra to brief the Chief (travel limited to within Australia.)

The essay or article will need to address the integration of 5th generation capabilities across the current and future Australian Defence Force (ADF), i.e. this is not about the JSF as an aircraft, nor purely the RAAF, it is about how the ADF can take advantage of 5th Generation capabilities to enhance or transform joint force effectiveness.  It will need to consider issues beyond the technical integration looking at how all of the fundamental inputs to capability will need to be addressed, e.g. people and training.
The winning essay or article will be determined by the Williams Foundation Board; it will be published on the Williams Foundation website.  If the quality of the submissions are not of a sufficiently high enough standard in the view of the Board, the Board reserves the right to not award a prize.

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