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EOIs Open: Join the Central Blue team

The Central Blue editorial team is seeking Expressions of Interest to join the team.

Who are we?

The Central Blue is an online forum designed to promote informed discussion and debate about joint air power issues affecting Australia. Our scope is broad, covering topics from tactical integration to strategic theory; and from historical lessons to future capabilities.

What are the roles?

  • Editorial Intern: You will primarily assist with editing submissions with the guidance of an established editor. You could also expect to help manage correspondence, track tasks, create and curate digital content, or transcribe and conduct interviews for publication. You can expect to fill the role for 12 months. If you are the right fit for the team, you will receive an offer to stay on.

  • Events & Special Projects Assistant: As we grow and find new ways to support our next generation of joint air power practitioners, we need people to assist with executing the plan. This may include organising lunches, online discussions & forums or podcasts. This role needs someone who is organised, enthusiastic, wants to shape the conversation and put forward new concepts to reach a wider audience.

Why be involved?

The Central Blue editorial team is passionate about giving a voice to all members of the Air Force, our sister services and industry, to foster a new generation of air power thinkers who can participate in the national security debate. The contest of ideas is not limited to the senior leaders of the Defence Force. All personnel regardless of rank, specialisation or service should feel compelled in contributing to the debate and creating diversity of thought and perspective to provide a clear picture against adversity. If you believe strongly in generating an inclusive culture to develop this intellectual edge, one of these roles is for you.

Who are we looking for?

Enthusiastic and dedicated Junior Officers, Enlisted personnel, APS, academics, and industry professionals alike are encouraged to apply. While we are predominantly an airminded team, your service is no barrier. We welcome applications from Navy, Army, Air Force, industry, academia and APS personnel.

What is The Central Blue editorial team offering?

In return, as a part of The Central Blue team, you can expect a commitment from the editors to provide mentoring, advice and editorial assistance, workload permitting. You will gain skills which enable you to critically edit and give a voice to other writers who may not feel so confident. You will have access to a broad array of editors from other sites, and writers with significant experience and knowledge.

Where & How do you contribute?

This role is entirely online! Our editors have been known to contribute from all across the world. You will simply need regular access to the internet.

Interested? Please contact us at with the following details:

  • Name

  • Rank (if applicable)

  • Current role

  • Email address (work + pers)

  • Contact Number (mobile)

  • Educational background

In addition, we would love for you to tell us about your past writing efforts, any speciality airminded or military interests, and your motivations for joining (in 500 words or less).

Applications close 10 October 2021.


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