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Conference: Hi-Intensity Operations and Sustaining Self Reliance - Final Report

Hi-Intensity Operations and Sustaining Self Reliance

National Gallery of Australia

11 April 2019

Dr Robbin Laird, Final Report: Hi-Intensity Operations and Sustaining Self-Reliance, May 19

The latest Williams Seminar held in Canberra on April 11, 2019 focused on the strategic shift for Australia within the context of the evolving global situation. Facing the rising challenge posed by the 21st century authoritarian states, and by the changing nature of alliances in the Pacific and in Europe, Australia needs to enhance its sovereign capabilities to operate within a regional or global crisis. And this requires, Australia to have more capability to sustain its evolving integrated force and to do so in the service of the direct defense of Australia.

Download pdf of the report

Download PDF • 3.27MB

Laird, Robbin Enhancing Australian Options in a Crisis: Shaping a More Sustainable Force, Second Line of Defense Website May 19

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