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Williams Foundation Seminar: Air / Sea / Land: Integrated Force 2030

  • 11 Apr 2017
  • 8:30 AM - 4:40 PM
  • National Gallery of Australia, ACT


  • Resered for invited Defence Personnel. Defence members can also send an expression of interest to events@williamsfoundation.org.au
  • For financial members who joined before 30 June 2016


Since March 2014, the Williams Foundation has conducted a series of Seminars that explored the opportunities and challenges afforded by the introduction of next generation combat capabilities.  Topics that have been explored to date included:

• Air Combat Operations – 2025 and Beyond
• Battlespace Awareness – The Joint Edge
• Integrating Innovative Airpower (held in Copenhagen)
• Training for an Integrated ADF: Live, Virtual and Constructive
• Design-Led Innovation
• New Thinking on Air-Land
• New Thinking on Air-Sea

The Next Step - The Integrated Force Seminar
The hypotheses the seminar will explore are :
• We must operate as an integrated team from the design, through delivery to the operation of the force; failure to act as such will incur unacceptable risk in future operations.
• If we don’t “design” the integrated force we are committed to “after-market” integration.
• We can’t build and operate an integrated force using business models developed for acquiring stand-alone, stove-piped capabilities.
• “Design” is about more than just platforms and systems … it is about how we design, acquire, operate and sustain an integrated force in a more complex interconnected global context.
• If we over-complicate the “design” process we will stall our efforts and get the same results we have had over the past 20 years; i.e. stove-piped capabilities.
• We must recognise that the task load of the three Services in their raise, train, sustain and Capablity Manager roles means that simply delivering a large volume of Force Design guidance to the three Services at once will not work; we must be cogniscant of the realites of the Service’s exisiting tasks and loadings when seeking to transform to an integrated force model.
In preparation for the Seminar, the Williams Foundation has run a six month IAMD Study, exploring the challenges of the IAMD program and the concept of integrated force design, as one example of the forty programs that the Department of Defence has embarked upon.   The IAMD Study Report will be launched at the seminar.

Seminar Program
The Seminar will be run at the National Gallery of Australia on 11 April 2017.  The program will include coordinated presentations from the three Services and VCDF Group addressing the challenges and opportunities of integrated force design.  In an afternoon session, a series of presentations and a panel discussion comprising Defence Industry and CASG will explore how the integrated force will be acquired and sustained given the predominance of business models developed for acquiring stand-alone, stove-piped capabilities.


The Williams Foundation would like to thank our sponsors for this event

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MDBA Systems

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 Lockheed Martin            Northrop Grumman



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