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Recommendations for the Way Ahead To Craft a 21st Century Integrated Force by Robbin Laird

09 Sep 2016 7:15 AM | Anonymous

Robbin Laird

A number of practical suggestions emerged from the panel discussion and the industrial presentations at the Williams Foundation seminar on air-sea integration held on August 10, 2016.


A key issue is that of information sharing among national or coalition forces.
Here Air Marshal (Retired) Geoff Brown asked Rear Admiral Manazir if we were making progress in this area.

Rear Admiral Manazir highlighted that in the evolving machine-to-machine relationships, technology was providing a way ahead. For example, targets could be identified and shared without disclosing the source of that information or the classification level.

The practical problem is to move classified data around the battlespace to empower the war fighters without compromising classification methods.

According to Rear Admiral Manazir:
“Machines talking at multi-level and multi-channel encrypted security levels can exchange data without compromising the sources and methods whereby the data has been generated.
“Thereby an F-35 with US markings and an F-35 with Australian markings can share data effectively in the combat space.”

In effect, the broad problem is one of parsing information and solving the problem posed by Air Vice Marshal Gavin Turnbull at the last Williams Foundation Seminar:
“How do we get the right information to the right people at the right time?”

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